subarunee (subarunee) wrote,

My Intro

My name’s SubaruNee

Yeah,it’s my penname,my lil sis,always calls me SubaruNee since she noticed that im looks like Shibutani Subaru from Kanjani8 *LOL*

Im Indonesian Girl,25 years old,my full time fandom now is JOHNNY'S JR. My ichiban group is Travis Japan. My OTP is Aramyu

I love Symmetry Pair on Johnny's Dance Unit

I live at a small town,I regret someone know my town XD but im so proud even I live on small town I know a big world *nod*

I love make a new friends,so I love if you want become friends with me…
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu *bow*
Tags: intro
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