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Sorry,My English is Bad...

First of all,thank you for you all who adding me as friend,recently i got a lots friends who love Johnny's Jr,chooo~ ureshi...

So,this entry is to explain you all that my English is soooo~ bad ><

That's why i keep write my journal in Indonesian,my original language...

As you see,my English is bad right...

I don't want to push myself to write journal in English,because it's to difficult to me,i must check all grammer and vocabs to make sure my english is right...

I really like write Journal,give new information about my fandom (Johnny's Jr) but,i can't write it well in English,that's why,i choose Indonesian. By Indonesian,i can write a lot information i wanna share...

Some people already said "Waaa~ I can't understand your language" because i use Indonesian, dakara,i'm very sorry about that ><
Although you all don't understand what i'm say,u still adding me and comment on my entry,thank you so much...

From now on,i'll keep write in Indonesian,but,your comment in English is very welcome,please talk to me anything (especially Johnny's Jr) and i'll replay u in English as good as i can,hope u can understand mine XDDD

Okay,that's all,oh~ For u who newly know me,My Name's Subarunee and I LOVE Johnny's Jr,almost all of them.yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ ><

Btw,not related with this entry but,this is me (the pinky one) with Johnny's banner,me and my friends (one of them is the girl who wear Chain Jacket) made for Johnny's fanbase in my town,i keep pushing them to adding Johnny's Jr in this banner XDD Good enough right?


Jya,matta neee~~


sama kaaaakkk.....saya pun nulis jurnal pake bahasa indo
Iya kakak,emank paling enak ngomong pake bahasa sendiri kakak >
Hai, i would like to add you as a friend. :-)
It's ok for you to write on your own language, since i'm Malaysian, i do understand what you wrote about.
Yoroshiku ne~~
Waaa~ It's okay,thank you :))))

halo, ini Hida, dari Indonesia juga.
Tahun ini mau 20 (udah tua ya?)
Salam kenal
Hida boleh berteman?
Ahahaha,20 belum tua,saya udah mau 23 XDD

Mari bertemaaan~
hihihihihi, arigatou.
Harus manggil Nee dunk...
Hahaaha,nama saya jg sudah ada Nee nya kok...
hahaha. iya juga ya